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1. Sampling Activity :  RPK arranges for the development of different types of samples like prototype, pre-production, photo sample, size-set, arrangements of approval for samples and patterns, grading to all required size range and size-sets and production markers. We ensure the customers with garment samples as per designs developed by partnering manufacturers in Tirupur. Our partnering companies are well equipped with facilities like sample dyeing, sample printing, washing and processing facilities. They provide samples to the customer for selection. These finished garment samples are sent to the customer for approval.


Availability of the sampling process in manufacturing companies helps us in providing the customer with a wide variety of choices at the minimal possible cost to the companies. The garment making process starts only after the samples are approved by the customer. Different processes of sampling are involved for products going to different market segments. Our above-mentioned capabilities give us an advantage over other garment exporters.


2. Pricing :  

* Receiving and verifying the quotations of suppliers by studying their suitability both in terms of quality and capacity to meet contractual requirements.

* Negotiation and finalization of price.


3. Order Progress Process : The order has been received for same products for which quotation/offer was sent. Size and specifications are also as per quotation/offer. Unit measurement needs to be specified as well. It could be numbers, volume, or weight.


Ordered quantity both in words and figures. This is essential to leave out any room for confusion.

Ordered quantity both in words and figures. This is essential to leave out any room for confusion.

Pre-shipment inspection is as per agreed in pro forma invoice. Pre-shipment inspection can be done by

•   Exporter

•   Inspection by exporter nominated agency


4.Quality Assurance :  R.P.K KNITS believes in providing the best possible quality to the customers. There are quality checks in place that prevent any defective material from reaching the customers. Quality control measures are in place at every step in the manufacturing process. The partnering manufacturing companies also have well-equipped quality control departments. All our garments comply with international quality and are highly comfortable.


The finest quality fabrics are procured from the most reliable vendors of our company. The quality control departments keep a strict vigil on every stage of production that leaves no room for even a minor defect, as we tend to buy only the defect-free apparels from the manufacturers.


5. Shipment :  As R.P.K KNITS is working in close association with leading freight forwarders, air and shipping lines at various locations, we ensure timely shipment. Reports of tentative shipments dates will be provided on regular basis.


Sea Shipments: Sea shipments can be done from Chennai port, Tuticorin port and Cochin port which are 480, 320 and 340 Kms from Tirupur respectively. Shipping time from Chennai, Tuticorin, Cochin via Colombu is around 28 days to Europe and 45 days to USA.